Dan Wells is a Hong Kong based professional race car driver. The 2015 Asian Formula Renault Champion (with 11 consecutive wins) has won races in every single seater Championship he has contested, and has also stepped on the podium at the Macau Grand Prix.

He is active in charity work; primarily for OneSky Foundation and Cambodian Children’s Fund. He is the youngest winner of a Top 8 placing in Prestige Magazine's "40 Under 40" feature and is looking to get to the top of the most elite of sports - motor racing.

In 2017, he raced in the China-based FRD LMP3 Series with the Eurasia Motorsport team, backed by the fashion brand EVISU - taking a podium with gentleman driver Alex Au in Shanghai. 

In 2018, Dan is coaching for the BlackArts Racing team and looking for further opportunities both in coaching and racing.